Aromatex – an unforgettable flavor of pastry


Do you wonder why cakes bought in a pastry shop have an unforgettable fragrance throughout your home? Food flavors are safe, natural preparations that enhance the taste and aroma of baked goods - check out Foodtex's Aromatex.

Aromatex, an aromatic and flavoring preparation, thanks to the content of ethyl alcohol not only emphasizes and sharpens the taste of creams, masses, fillings and cakes, but also protects confectionery products against the growth of bad microflora. Use as an addition to creams, masses, fillings, to soak the sponge cake, for donut dough, angel wings and other fried sweet delicacies.

Kanistry Aromatex

Aromatex preparations are available in many flavors. Try necessarily:

  • vanilla,
  • cream,
  • rum,
  • zabaglione,
  • whisky,
  • cognac,


  • cherry,
  • coconut,
  • walnut,
  • lemon,
  • orange,
  • other.